Mississippi Group gets Offended

Over the past few weeks a Facebook Group that once was an outstanding and respected group has taken a turn for the worse. It all started a little over a year ago when the founder of the group made a decision to turn the group over to and admin that he trusted for him to devote more time to his family. The Founder,who’s name will be left anonymous due to the Upmost respect from the member that was interviewed has for him released complete power of MMST over to Jeremy Barnes. Durning the first month’s upon Barnes taking control, the group was still “Standing Tall” and doing good for the community. About 2 months after the new ownership of the group there was a few dedicated members that decided to post a picture in the main feed of the group of a ham sandwich and that is when the group started to fall apart. The interviewee stated that the admins booted and blocked numerous members whom spent hours a day in there keeping everyone entertained and had disposable income that donated to charities that the group would raise money for. Weeks after the ham sandwich pic a few members started asking questions inreguards to the finances of the group and was wanting to see a spread sheet of where the money was donated. When Barnes, whom was in control of the finances was asked to show proof being to attempt to get all the receipts and PayPals together. After numerous attempts to get Barnes to show proof, the members contacted a second admin Jonathan Malley to help resolve the case in question. Malley asked Barnes to allow the group to see a speed sheet and the proof of the finances. Barnes stated to
the memeber that he would have them by the end of the week. When the time came to for Barnes to show proof he was having difficulties showing proof to where the money was spent. That night Barnes transferred the remaining money through PayPal to another admin that was added to take care of the finances and once he took possession of the finances he left the group. Just a few short days after the new admin that was incharge if the finances was added they removed him. Now the group that was once a strong and respected group that helped numerous of people that was having a rough time is at an all time low. The group MMST that is now ran by admins that are on a power trip with an exception of one Dale Thornton that will not alllw anyone in there with a different view. The interviewee also wanted it to be known that one admin, by the name of Brion “Pee Paw” Guthrie has a fetish with staying in groups that men and women are in trying to persuade them into performing sexual acts to him. The member also stated, this week there was around 10 members that was removed from group for being friends with the members that was booted and blocked for the ham sandwich picture. Channel 23 news and the crew would like for everyone to be aware of what the group truly stands for. It is not the same group that it once was and it will continue on the downward fall until there are admins in there that truly have a passion for the group.