New law in Florida states it is illegal to pump gas without a State Certified License.

Effective November 1st there will be a new law requiring citizens to wear a State Certified Mask at the gas pumps. This is largely due to the high amounts of ethanol found in gasoline that health officials are saying causes extreme lack of intelligence for the first few minutes after pumping gas.
The Florida Department of Transportation released a study that showed more than 1/2 of traffic accidents occurred within 5 minutes of pumping gas. This in turn raised eyebrows with the Health Department and they wanted to know why.
So in 2016 they conducted tests on participants and gave I.Q. Tests immediately before and then directly after pumping gas into their vehicles… What they found was astonishing. The results showed that an individual loses more than 20% of their intelligence directly after pumping… what is even more surprising, is that it affects men more than women on a long term basis. In men they also found that it is a leading contributor to road rage incidents.

The law takes effect on 11/01/2017. If you are caught without a mask while pumping gas be prepared to pay a hefty fine and a minimum 2 day sentence in jail.