Trump comes clean! “I didn’t even want to be president.”

Donald Trump, current president of the United States has recently came out to claim that he didn’t think he would finish the presidential race, let alone make his way to being the “Commodore and chef” (at this point we believe this was just a spelling error).

An interview with our very own John Richmen made the facts more clear. “I was just spewing whatever [conservitive voters] wanted to hear, I even made it harder on myself by making that [Mike Pence] my VP. do you know where i found him? Worst loony bin I could find!” At the time of posting this, VP Pence will not disclose anything other then being the “Lizard King”.

Later in the interview, trump goes on to say “Do you really think I give a f*ck about the poor? I sh*t in a gold sh*tter in my gold tower while looking down at the peasants!” at some point. trump even admits that he told his plan to republican candidate and former zodiac killer Ted Cruz. “-and he starts whining that the american people need a leader that will take the job seriously. So of course i had to smack him to shut him up.”

Donald trump finished the interview by asking if we knew the candidate “Deez Nutz” claiming that he would give the job to another republican, but not any of the “crybabies”. When told that Brady C. Olson (Deez Nutz) was not only 15, but a libertarian, Trump began to get physically upset, before entering the fetal position, and not talking until we left.