Wealthy Entrepreneur willing to pay up to $10,000 for “Professional Ass-Eater”

One would assume that life as a single, middle-aged billionaire would make it not all too difficult to find a significant other.
That is not the case, however, when you’re Larry Elison: co-founder of Oracle Corporation.
Elison, being an openly bisexual middle-aged man, has never been one to shy away from speaking publicly about his sexual endeavors; going into detail in interviews where he is asked about how much money he has paid prostitutes and adult entertainers for as little as ten minutes of pleasure.
Recently, Ellison went public to announce his intentions to seek what he calls a “Professional Ass-Eater”.

“My dilema has always been trying to find someone who has been able to do what is known as ‘eating ass’. I have paid both men and women to attempt this but have yet to find anyone who actually knows what they are doing,” Ellison stated in an interview on Sam Robert’s podcast.

Ellison went on to issue an invitation to anyone (of legal age) who can meet his high standards; going as far as to offer $10,000 to anyone who can do just that.
This would be a golden opportunity to anyone who considers themself an “Ass-Earing Aficionado” as Ellison so eloquently states it.