YouTube Sensation Meathead Munchies Signs Dollar Deal With Sony.

Meathead Munchies Signs With Sony.

Another overnight celebrity has won big.

According to Mr. Info., YouTube Sensation Meathead Munchies signed a million dollar deal with Sony, off the success of comedy cooking videos.

The โ€œfunny cookingโ€ videos, which was released via Youtube has amassed 1.3 million Youtube views, turning the 39 year-old comedian into an internet celebrity, and inciting a bidding war between major labels.

Meathead Munchies is another example of the lack of talent it takes to be successful in the days of internet stardom, where 17k followers on Twitter and a few more thousand of Tumblr will get you a deal.

Take a look at Meathead Munchies videos on YouTube and let us know if you think he’s a star?

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Meathead Munchies, though.