Abi Gibsons Faux Surgery Scandal

Abi Gibson was taken to hospital just recently due to an apparent appendix removal, But now we just don’t know what to think. Late last night Miss Gibson made a vicious and potentially threatening phone call to a Miss Cluam Nicole Sutherland, and then proceeded to leave the hospital without any nurses acknowledgment and ventured to Miss Sutherland’s Fiancรฉ A Mr. Swiss Fish’s private property on foot. An anonymous insider claims ‘this is very unlikely behaviour’ for Miss Gibson to be going anywhere on foot. The uninvited guest reeked havoc in Mr. Fishes front lawn and bushes causing Miss Sutherland to leave the safety of her Fiancรฉs home to deal with her, leading Miss Gibson to jump on, bite, attack and repeatedly quote ‘You love it’ to Miss Sutherland. The authorities arrived 4 hours later stopping any permanent damage Miss Gibson could have potentially suffered Miss Sutherland. Miss Gibson now awaits bail, when ask for a statement she just told us ‘Oi gimme back my basket you bitch’