Area Man Refuses To Play Harp At Confederate Wedding

An area man is under fire from Confederates for refusing to play harp at a Confederate wedding. Richard Moroney of Huntsville, Alabama told Channel 23 news that a couple is demanding that he play harp at their Confederate-themed wedding. Moroney stated: “I keep telling people ‘I am not a professional harpist and I do not play at weddings’. Now this so-called Confederate couple is saying that I must be some kind of ‘union’ harpist, but I’ve never heard of any harpists’ union.”
The engaged couple, Emmeline Custis Beauregard and Simon Bolivar Leadbetter released a statement to Channel 23 News through their attorney, Alexander Pittman: “The Beauregard and Leadbetter families are upset that Moroney is not wanting to bring his harp to their wedding to perform scales, arpeggios, and a repertoire of maybe 5 intermediate-level pieces of music. A Confederate wedding is a very formal and elegant event, and the harp is an essential part of the wedding atmosphere. To own a harp, Moroney is obviously financially privileged, and it is wrong to deny this service to the Beauregard family. He is being selfish.”
In response, Moroney, who drives a 21-year-old car, stated that just because he has a harp, does not mean he is rich and it does not mean he is obligated to play at weddings. “I don’t have any problem with the engaged couple. I have never known them. Although I refuse to play harp at their Confederate wedding, I wish them all the best,” Moroney said.
Attorney Alexander Pittman declared that this battle is not over and he maintained that it is Moroney’s duty to play at the wedding. Pittman said: “All the Beauregards really want is to have the harp there as part of the background. I’ve heard Moroney play and he’s not that good, believe me. He slaughters Pachelbel’s Canon in D. It’s a huge disaster! But why can’t he just get with the program? We all need to do our part to make the Confederacy great again!”