Brandi Glanville being sued by former personal stylist

Brandi Glanville has found herself involved in another legal issue. This time, Brandi is being taken to court by her former personal stylist, Shawnte McNabb.

McNabb styled Brandi for most of 2015, and says she is still trying to recover, both emotionally and financially. McNabb states “I can not work with people who have no respect for myself, the services I provide, as well as the merchandise that is loaned to me by designers. Brandi ruined half of what I took to her, and it took her months to return the wardrobe. She became very defensive when I simply told her that I needed to return the merchandise to the showrooms. When I finally did get wardrobe back from her, most of it was damaged. Some dresses had stains on them that looked very disturbing. I don’t ever want to know what caused those stains.”

McNabb also states that as a result of working with Brandi, there are a couple designers who will no longer work with McNabb. “I can’t afford to work with people who won’t follow directions and take care of merchandise loaned to them. Designers and showrooms I work with trust me to take their merchandise to people who will not damage it. I made an error in judgement by working with Brandi. Lesson learned”.