BREAKING NEWS: Federal Express Caused My Partnership to Loose $1,000,000 Dollars Because of Delivery To Wrong Address and Pick-up at Wrong Address- What A Mess!

BREAKING NEWS: Federal Express dropped the package to the wrong address. The neighbor delivered it 2 days later. Called Federal to inform them 5 times on the delivery address change to no avail. Lost $1,000,000 because the legal contracts and agreement, were late once again, Federal Express in Baltimore failed to pick-up and return documents to California. Over 22 calls made to Federal Express about multiple failures and GREAT losses.

My partnership lost $9,000,000 from the $63,000,000 contract matter. Federal Express lied each time they admitted they fixed the problem, even down to the old uncorrected address info that was changed too late, after the fact. The contract was cancelled for failure to return the documents by poor Federal Express Customer Service staff, management and claims personell top to bottom.

One needs to be very careful if you use Federal Express. I pray you never have the problems I have had with a delivery and pick-ups.

Dr. Keenan Cofield-The Supreme GRAND Bishop-Baltimore, MD 21220