Consumers Should Not like Equifax do Any Business With Money Gram So Says The Supreme GRAND Bishop Dr. Keenan Cofield

BREAKING NEWS: I am about to sue Money Gram, if the don’t get my money right. On 08/01/2017, sent someone $655.50. The Receiver never got the money. Someone intercepted the funds with his id before he did. Money Gram playing games changing the stories of the victim witnesses etc. I am going to put Money Gram on my Super Blast Blow Up Line. This message is going to be posted everywhere in the world.

Working on a Press Release as we speak! Money Gram with those foreigners working the lines, twisting facts to fit from being liable. What makes it so bad, an attempt was done to cancel the transaction within 1 minute of the order, and Money Gram refused to STOP the transaction. Okay, now let me direct my North Korean online nukes at Money Gram. Money Gram has 48 hours to contact me The Supreme GRAND Bishop or watch your news.

Money Gram, talking to your service reps seemed like a coverup. I am a retired psych doctor with a law degree. I am preparing my Invoice and Lien for more then $655.50. My Reference Number was: 37772214. Receiver name is: Anthoney Onwubiko C. I am not calling anymore listening to Money Gram playing games. Money Gram directed and advised me to tell the Receiver to contact them to get his statement and to confirm and verify he did not get the funds I sent. My money was intercepted. Money Gram also gave me this number CRM0414040A. Some kind of Second Level Complaint. I can assure you that I will put the word out like a poison pill that the world should always use Western Union. I intend to post this is mass blast to all media outlets around the world.