Disgruntled employees take truck on joy ride

Los Angeles-

Two employees have allegedly taken a poop truck on a joy ride to Texas. Steven Garcia and Rodolfo Alarcon are thought to be on the run from authorities in California after the pair stole a company’s poop mobile and is thought to currently be in Texas.

Michael Smith, spokesperson for Alpha Porta Poop, declared Garcia and Alarcon a pair of misfits who are disgruntled porta poop employees. Smith believes Garcia and Alarcon to be gay lovers who are considered gay and dangerous.

The poop duo, who are believed to have stopped in a hotel while in route to Texas, may have experienced a domestic dispute over cookies. “We know Alarcon likes to eat chocolate chip cookies and Garcia is lactose intolerant”, said Lieutenant Chris Johnson of the Texas Fugitive Task Force. We have reason to believe Garcia is lactose intolerant while Alarcon ate the pair’s only box of chocolate chip cookies. We believe the pair have experienced a domestic dispute over the cookies and milk, explained Johnson.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the poop duo, please contact your local law enforcement agency.