Emmett O’Brien Named Best Technical School in Connecticut

The Connecticut Association of Technical Education (CATE) has recently named Emmett O’Brien Technical High School in Ansonia as the premier vocational training program in the state. They considered factors including: job placement out of high school; graduates attending college; average salaries of graduates; number of pets owned by graduates; and average height of students. The average graduate of O’Brien Tech stands to make $132,487 per year, even though the teachers at the school make far less. Many of the graduates credited Craig Behun, a Social Studies teacher, as being the biggest factor in their successes in life. “Mr. Behun motivated me to do well from the first time I stepped into his classroom.”-said musician and EOB alum Drake. Software technician Bill Gates said “My life changed for the better as soon as I signed up for Mr. Behun’s Google Classroom. I knew that all of my assignments would be posted on there and that he would keep me informed of everything going on in class. He is my hero.” Basketball star Lebron James had this to say about Mr. Behun, “The only reason that I’m in the NBA today is because Coach Behun taught me how to tuck my right arm in and follow through when I shot my free throws. He also taught me how to distinguish real news from fake news. That’s why I bought him a Lambo when I got my first contract.”