End of Bedford as We Know It?

Is this the end of Bedford, VA as we know it? Local millionaire Coz Imrich has submitted a proposal to the City Council to buy out Bedford and privatize it.

City Council member Aidon K Ruboudu (R) told us, “This is a great opportunity for Bedford. Privatizing Bedford and turning it into a gated community will help attract more rich people. It’ll be great for the economy.”

The City Council will be holding an open town meeting on Friday to see what the public sentiment on privatization will be. The small Democrats for Bedford! group will be protesting outside the town hall. The leader of the group, Ima Guguy explained to us, “Privatization is the worst threat to Bedford since Trump’s election. We’re going to take a stand and keep Bedford for the people.”

Bob at the farmer’s market disagrees. “Make Bedford great again,” he said. “Sharp Top used to be owned by a millionaire before it was taken over and ruined by the government. We can’t let the feds run things anymore. They’re idiots.”

The town meeting is sure to be filled with different opinions. Make sure you come out and make your voice heard!