FB group Cardinals Nation to start a GoFundMe for Bill DeWitt & John Mozeliak

After another disappointing season, Cardinals fans have voiced their displeasure near & far. Specifically on social media’s Facebook, where a group of over 15,000 members chime in 24/7 on their thoughts & opinions.

While there are those members who believe in the current team/management/ownership, there are also those that want either a complete rebuild, or some HUGE signings/trades.

In an effort to show DeWitt & company just how badly the fans want this team to win, members have suggested a GoFundMe account. The goal, to raise enough money to help land a middle of the order bat, and a legit bullpen threat.

Whether it’s a $1 donation, or $100, every little bit helps. I mean, Tommy Pham isn’t even making enough money to charge the mound after getting hit by a damn Cub in fear of suspension. So trust us, the money will help.

There is also a #FireMatheny movement. we are neither for or against, however, we acknowledge the potential thought.

By the way, the Cardinals are probably going to trade to get Stanton, Donaldson, as well as sign J.D. Martinez. Bob Gibson is also rumored to come out of retirement and pitch 37 no-hitters next year.