FDA just approved Crystal Meth U.S. Obesity Epidemic

Currently there are over 125 million in the United States with eating disorders. With most tipping the scales at over 200 pounds, visit to doctors for symptons of obesity have climbed 1250% over the last 2-years which has made the illegal drug Crystal Meth Amphetamine to become used as a possible eating deterant. This is great news for the trillion’s of obese people currently suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep disorders and heart problems. Studies conducted from a secret Meth Lab locacted near the 5 freeway and the 78 freeway in Oceanside, CA have proven that ingesting one gram a day for 3-months is all that is needed for the average obese person to shed 45 pounds. It also has been found that in that area the study was conducted local residents have spent an average of $58 per person purchasing cleaning items due to a side effect that increases the desire to clean. The study also showed there was a decrease in the sales of toilet paper and groceries dropping a whopping 1037% in the same 3-months the study was conducted. What are you thoughts?