Female charged with spitting and slapping, then running over another stripper

Latasha Jennings is accused of leaving the club after work and another female dancer apparently got mad because her boyfriend spent all there kids food money on Latasha.
Latasha goes by the name of “tarajahi”
Latasha gave a statement as follows
” I did not do nothing wrong but tell her that she mad because her kids anit gon eat this month because you spent all your money on him and he gave it to me trying to keep that nigga home during the storm”
The other female refused to move and Latasha “accidentally” put the car in reverse and ran her over.
Witnesses state that “tarajahi” to pretty to be letting these peasants take her from her thrown.
The alleged man Nick named ” trader Joe”
Started a go fund me account to get the kids money back, but promised soon as the court house open, he will go get Latasha.
She is being held a duval county jail on a 100,000 bond.