FRAUD from this broad

It happened Friday night September 2nd like around 12:3am when Diego SamSon went missing. Channel 23 tried to get in touch with the family to update us on his were abouts. The family tried getting in touch with him but his phone was disconnected.

Days went by and it our phones were blowing up by anonymous people giving us tips on his were abouts. Was he kidnapped due to the fact that he was selling FAKE phones? Was he really an AT&T representative? Was he actually kidnapped though?

After Detective Bob Mar Lee did some research, it turned out to be just a scam! He was just in hiding because he had taken an illegal substance, blacked out in a mysterious place and didn’t wake up til days later! Someone had drugged him up in anger of a crappy Samsung! It appeared to be a gang member that as of now not been identified but was from a large gang called “The Apple gang “.

Arlington PD are still searching for Diego as he has still scams people out of a good product and money!! REWARDS will be presented to who finds this Dangerous man! Feel free to call Crime stoppers at 1(888)DiPHONE.