Gene related to overeating dubbed ‘Maltese Gene’

Recent studies from the highly revered Geneva Institute Of Genetics have revealed that a certain gene is responsible for overeating. A study carried out in various countries in Europe shows that the gene seems to be widely prevalent in the small Mediterranean country of Malta. Studies proving positive elsewhere have shown that people containing this gene have ancestry from Malta as well.

Although overeating and obesity in Malta is never heard of, this seems to be due to it is not being populous enough to make headlines. It is known in the science that Maltese people are voracious eaters and contain one of the highest populations of diabetics and other obesity related disease. It was not known why this was so until recently the results of this 10 year study revealed these astonishing results.

Professor Charlie Borg of the University of Malta says that further studies need to be carried out in conjunction with Geneva to find the reason behind these findings. At this stage it is thought that the people of Malta created the Gene by forcing extra food into there stomachs when it wasn’t needed in which the body had to change to accommodate. This is possibly connected with the ‘Fat lady of Malta’ artifact.