Home invasions alert: Surrey/Newton area

The long weekend is over and kids are back to school and the recent break ins are on the rise for residents of the newton area. The most recent home invasions happened in a co-op called Birch on the corner of 78th ave and 138st. This is the fifth home invasion in 14days and appear to be related according to rcmp Cst. James Hampshire. It happened September 6th at 3pm in brood daylight. The woman resident of The Birch invasion was home at the time the two men had entered her house without her hearing and eventually found her upstairs and charged at her knocking her over. They tied her up while they stole around 5,000$ worth of belongings. She was left tied up untill her husband and kids got home about 30 minutes after the fact and rcmp were called to the scene. RCMP urge you to keep an eye out and if anyone has information regarding these break in please call them on emergency line.