Jake Miller VIOLATED by Mall cop

Jake Miller of Springfield Mo was shopping at the Walmart off of sunshine. He was inside purchasing lubrication and his friends Dakota and Bailey Bennett took off with the car and were hiding by the time Jake Miller got out of the store. Jake wondered the parking lot and eventually found himself in the back of the store by the dumpsters where the lighting was to dim for the security cameras to catch the gruesome crimes that took place shortly after. A security guard than approached Jake and asked to see his I.D. As jake reached for it he said he was assaulted . “Next thing I knew he had me by the throat and was ripping my pants off” he told reporters at KSPR. Further details of the assault will likely not be released. Suspect is a 6’9″ tall African male that was wearing tan cargo pants and a white tank top. Jake said to reporters “I want to thank God that I coincidentally bought lube that night , it made the assault much less painful than it could have been. I try to find the positive things in the negatives”.