Lost family reunited

As you all know of bill gates he seems like a pretty simple man but what is his real background? Bill gates reunites with his cousin. Casey Gates? Casey is a financial agent who has his own business is is very successful. After 30 years bill meets Casey again reuniting families. Bill and Casey were best buds growing up. Bill told the reporter that he has been trying to find Casey for years. Casey, Kim, Julia,Ethan, and Reid meet there second and first cousin for the first cousin. You can imagine how happy they are finding out hes there second cousin. When we talked to Julia and Reid the young one Julia simply states that money doesn’t matter to them and that no matter who bill was they wouldn’t be any less happy. Those words are impressive coming out of a 14 year old. As you might think they are using bill for money the kids and parents asked bill to treat them like family and have no money involved. As bill insist they had no choice. HAHAHAH they are very happy to be united once again and they plan to spend many days together hanging out by the pool and having a blast. They know they have a lot of catching up to do:)