Mentalist donated lottery winnings to Children’s charity.

Phoenix, Az. Like many others, you might believe that predicting the lottery is just not possible. However, Mentalist Scott Xavier has found a way to predict the lottery, or so it seems.

Last Saturday’s Powerball Was Won by Florida native Scott Xavier, a self-professed mentalist. Mr Xavier claims to have no abilities to foresee the future however, he does have the ability to use a forensics skill, learned while working for the Illinois State Police, to see patterns that exist in the world and to predict future outcomes.

Mr. Xavier has a proven track record of predicting such world events as the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight, the outcome of the presidential election, as well as several Lottery predictions.

The Lottery Commission is investigating his claims now and has frozen his winnings until further investigation. Xavier, who is a frequent performer at casinos such as the Sugar House in Philadelphia, claims to be banned from table games.

Scott Xavier had closed to donate all of the proceeds from his winnings to the Children Memorial hospital where he was admitted as a child with diabetes.

“They do great things, and they need a helping hand in these tough times.” Mr. Xavier said at a press conference on Sunday.

Claiming insight into the future means that Mr. Xavier’s prize might prove elusive, however we’re hoping this would be philanthropist gets his chance to give back.

Let us know what you think. Is it illegal or unethical to win a national lottery if you have found a system that works? Should Mr. Xavier be held accountable?