Monger Mayhem

Holloween may be a month away but that doesn’t stop this Long Island man from enciting fear and uneasiness in all those who cross his path. David Palmieri, or “The Fear Mongerer” (a name coined by those who know him best) has taken modern day terrorism to new heights.

By closely monitoring earth’s most freightening current events, Palmieri brings the fear of earthquakes, hurricanes, and acts of terrorism to the forefront of every conversation he engages in. Channel 23 was able to get obtain a quote from Palmieri as he was storm watching in the Merrick Marina: “I just need to make sure everyone understands. It’s real life, this stuff is really happening, people are really dying. I don’t get how everyone could be so calm. The television tells me every day that these things are happening, so I’ve made it my mission to constantly remind people of this reality”.

Looking for a good holloween scare this October? Look no further than the Long Island Fear Mongerer.