New Religion called the “The Order of Mastubators” found in South Australia.

In a small Australian city a man dubbed the ‘High Priest of Wankington’ sits on a large chair which looks something like a rocking chair. “My wanking chair I call it” Says the High Priest Jon Keir.
“The Order started when I was wanking in the Linen closet and it was very dark. Suddenly a towel fell off the shelf just as I was ejaculating and wiped the cum off my knob without me having to do anything. That moment I knew wanking was a way of communicating with god.” Said the High Priest.

“There are only a few disciples at the moment but we are getting stronger. Right now we are in the middle of Wankmass celebrations where we wank each other off to show our love for one another.” Added the High priest.

He continued “There are only a few rules in our religion, for example don’t wank on each other unless permission is given, Don’t wank on others belongings, don’t wank on food and don’t wank on the church cat! Its a wonderful religion which brings happiness and joy to everyone!”

“Every Sunday we gather in my linen closet and wank whilst singing hymns to the lord Wankator, sometimes its hard to not get semen on each other, but we rejoice in it.”
Concluded the High Priest of Wankington.”