NFL ratings crumble and sponsors cancel will the NFL survive?

The latest figures show the NFL is facing a 30+% deficit and gaining in TV ratings. DirecTV has even offered customers full refunds in a historic first for customers offended by the protests. Over two dozen major sponsors have dropped commitments with the organization and many of the players have lost their contracts – and this is just the start. The stock market is crumbling faster than in the great depression for NFL and team related stocks. Companies that produce NFL team related merchandise are reporting as high as a 25% drop in sales revenue already – during the peak sales season. While team owners and coaches may support the player protests, the bottom line is that it may cost the player’s jobs. The teams that lose millions will have to recoup the money from player contract cuts and letting several go entirely. NFL teams balance a thin line on the profit margins. Empty seats and changed channels can spell the death toll very quickly for most teams. Analysts predict several teams will crumble after only a half season at 75% of normal revenue, squarely placing the NFL along with several teams and a multitude of players in danger of losing entirely. Budget cuts can start to be a reality in as little as another week at the rate the NFL is losing money. Is it worth costing team mates their jobs and getting dozens of players let go? Only time will tell.