Northrop High School students on the track to success

Students at Northrop High School in Fort Wayne, IN were presented with an award on Monday evening at Fort Wayne Community School’s monthly school board meeting. The award, 12 feet in height, was given to them for the completion of the new education standards issued by President Trump. Trump issued the new education standards two months ago, and FWCS superintendent, Wendy Robinson, was shocked that Northrop was able to fall in line so quickly.
“Northrop continues to blow me away with their will to never give up. They make me very proud,” praised Robinson.
The new standards issued by Trump focus on the student’s skills in nose and wedgie picking, hair-pulling, and gaining the stamina to stand on one leg for 45 minutes. What Northrop students have been able to accomplish in these areas is simply unbelievable. Northrop Principal Jason Witzigreuter beamed when asked about the student’s achievements. “I never knew students could work so hard in areas that are so important. I am happy that they will be so prepared for the real world after graduation.”