PennAire Motel: The real reason it closed.

Traveling thru PA, Breezewood is always a must visit destination. Especially if you visited with your parents as children. I decided to take a road trip and I of course stopped in Breezewood, but I was vet sad at what I found…

I understand things change over time and I haven’t visited in many years, but this place has gone downhill. It’s far from the days of glory as a town to stop in to sleep, pee, and eat. That brings me to the sleep part. The PennAire Motel.

I remember staying here as a child. I remember stories about my parents here. It survived the 50’s, the rigorous inspections from AAA, Trump trying to purchase it, and the constant attempts from Holiday Inn to muscle them out. Sadly it is now closed and very run down. The local flea markets are held there along with the weekly murders.

I wanted to find out what happened! Google was no help. So I hit the streets. After only running in to tourists, I decided to go door to door to ask the locals.

I walked up to the door of the first house and knocked. When I asked about the PennAire I was politely told “Get the HELL off my lawn”. I was determined to find an answer so I tried one more house. An older woman answered the door and I asked about the PennAire. She said “Honey it’s simple. The Whitney’s stopped visiting”. Apparently the owners were so heartbroken they stopped visiting that they decided to shut down and retire.

Well there you have it. The real answer. At least we’ll always have the memories.

– MikeAs Shat