Poop duo still being sought


A couple who fled from California to Texas are still being sought by law enforcement in Texas. “We can’t allow people to flee from California in poop trucks to have their way in Texas”, said Texas Fugitive Task Force Commander Smith. “What these boys are doing in Texas is wrong and we don’t allow boys to sleep together in hotel rooms while they poop and pee on each other”, added Smith. “We have reason to believe Steven Garcia has been peeing on hotel room floors and pooping his pants. We also believe Rodolfo Alarcon has incredibly bad foot odor. These boys are wrong and we need to catch them as soon as possible”, said Smith.

“We never knew our employees like to poop their pants and pee on floors”, said Alpha Poop spokesperson Chris Johnson. “We still haven’t found our poop truck and hurricanes are coming”, added Johnson.

If you have any information on the poop duo, please contact your local law enforcement agency.