Steve Kemp Concludes Tenure As P&G Chair

At the Annual Awards Luncheon at Spray Beach Yacht Club, it was announced that Steve Kemp was resigning as Chair of Property & Grounds. Kemp has served as the P&G chair for the previous 2 years.

Kemp has a list of many accomplishments while taking charge at SBYC including ensuring that all the dock lights illuminated according to code, rebuilding the Club store, and making sure the building’s air conditioning unit always worked. Many weekends Steve Kemp spent repairing docks, replacing hose bibs, and fixing doors with holes. He was a constant figure at Spray Beach Yacht Club.

Steve’s wife, Adrienne, remembers when her husband departed their home at 4:00 a.m. When I asked Steve where he was going at this early hour, he replied, “Duty calls.” “I knew he was on his way to the Club,” smiled Adrienne.

Long time SBYC member Pete Everett praised the outgoing Property & Grounds Chair. “He brought the position to a new level. No one put in more time than Steve.” “I heard that outgoing Dockmaster, Ed Gibbons, was approached about the P&G position. I asked Ed why he didn’t want the spot. Gibbons told me, “Follow Steve Kemp, do you think I’m crazy,” giggled Everett.

Steve Kemp has left a legacy of excellence. His successor, Dave Williams, said he is still hopeful that Kemp will change his mind. “Steve was the best. He raised the bar. I’ve got my work cut out for me. I called Steve last night asking him to put in another year,” said Williams. “His wife answered the phone. She said that Steve was at the Club checking the underground electrical wires.”