The Wa Na Man burns Camper found in Hong Kong

In mid Sept. on the 6th, at 40850 Oreo Road, Gabe “Puddles” Lopez, better know as BrOKeN SpOKEs, as was headed home from Bayard after buying new SpOkEs. Then as he pulled onto his property, Puddles saw a thing on his roof. Also and coincidencebtly, he saw a plethora of crazy things right as his friend Dirty Dave arrived. Just then Puddles the Broken SpOkEs Lopez yelled “Burn them down in Herr” and then Dirty Dave supportively said “k.”
Suddenly, Puddles was in Hong Kong while his camper was being engulfed in red hot SpOkEs and synthetic πŸ† genitalia. As the fire raged Kinky Kandy proclaimed the Dilapidated Danger did it.