1 dead , 3 injured in Hotel shooting

On Saturday night (10/21) , a local rapper and multiple friends checked into The Standard Hotel (550 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071) for a “music release/birthday party”, when gunshots were reportedly exchanged by two separate parties inside the building, at approximately 2:00am Sunday morning . LAPD law enforcement arrived at the scene around 2:30am; after nearby guests heard nearly seven shots fired in an altercation beginning when a group of men were denied access to a party . Police identified the local rap artist as Vincent Cabrera (21) who was visiting downtown Los Angeles to promote a CD released on (10/16) which apparently details a drive-by shooting that dates back to 2014 on the east end of Fresno, California; which could’ve been a possible motive according to LAPD. Witnesses at the party say the rapper was accompanied by several gang members and altho he was advised to leave, Cabrera refused to. The incident left 1 man dead and 3 others injured . 2 men that were hit with bullets were found near the lobby of the hotel, while a black 9mm handgun was found in the parking lot . The man killed was reportedly one of the four men that were trying to gain access to the party. Witnesses tell law enforcement that the rapper and his entourage were indefinitely acting in self-defense during the incident. Cameras do confirm who insinuated the situation, but authorities are unsure as to who shot the weapons and who initially carried them; which can lead to several arrests in the coming days. Police are looking into social media accounts for any incriminating statements and/or clues to who else were involved. Anybody with information are asked to come forward immediately. Pg. 3