18-year-old, Krysta Gabrielle Cruz is wanted for assault of Staff at local Footlocker in Park City Mall of Lancaster, Pa

On the late afternoon of Friday, October 27th around 6pm – Cruz (of the 300 block of Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa) walked into Park City Mall’s Footlocker and was approached by a dwarf employee who repeatedly continued to appear to harass Cruz in a verbal altercation. Cruz tried to remain calm but instead pick up the dwarf employee and WWE style slammed the pint sized worker into the cash register.
Upon leaving the store, Cruz was said to have kicked the dwarf in the stomach repeatedly saying, β€œmy bestfriend was never your friend you stupid little bitch!” Grabbed her things and fled the scene.
If you know anything about this incident please suck a dick and contact 1-800-THOT or email us at thismaybeanindirecthoe@hotnews.com