22 Year Old Female in Fatal Car Crash on Beal Pkwy In Fort Walton Beach, Florida

A 22 year old woman in a blue Nissan Sentra by the name of Jennifer Terry, a 24 year old man named Stephen Amell in a white Range Rover, and a 35 year old man that wasn’t sober with a 11 year old kid named Rene Martinez de Suleman and the kid, Juan Felipe Jose Martinez Lopez De Suleman was involved in a fatal car crash on Beal Pkwy in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Prayers are out to the victims’ families. It was a 3-way car crash in which one died, Stephen Amell, one was fatally injured or possibly paralyzed, Rene Martinez de Suleman, the kid, Juan Felipe Jose Martinez Lopez de Supeman and the last one, Jennifer Terry, came out with simple bruises and cuts.