Catholic High School Sophomores Receive Offers From Director Steven Spielberg

Two Catholic Highschool sophomores, Sean Dunn and Harrison Russell, made a home movie trailer several years ago titled “The Great Geese Attack of 1947.” After having next to no views for years, this trailer caught the eye of possibly the best Hollywood director of all time – – Steven Spielberg. Spielberg has offered Dunn $750,000 for the rights to this movie, and Dunn seemed more than happy to except. Spielberg also offered the same 6 figure amount to Russell, but he has yet to respond. When we spoke with Spielberg in an interview, he described the movie as “iconic” and “fun for the whole family.” We have not been able to get in touch with Russell nor Dunn to schedule an interview. Will these high school students one day become movie-producing moguls? Be sure to follow the story as we attempt to speak with these innovative home movie producers.