China: Ready for war? (This is a joke, Don’t take it seriously)

Not long ago The PRC, Or the People’s Republic of China has recently stated that they do not approve of North Korea’s Nuclear Advances and have even threatened sanctions against them.

Now after Kim Jong Un’s threat to China’s President, Xi Jinping He has ordered a mass of 650,000 Soldiers to be stationed near or on the Border with North Korea, And Russia has supported China in this move.

The threat by Kim Jong Un: “The President of the Failed People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping who we’ve been gracefully aiding militarily and economically has the nerve to support the terrorist of the united states? Well i shall see it well that his reign will not continue longer, He is a parasite which must be cleansed of his filth.”

China has also cut off trade to North Korea, And following this President Donald Trump of the United States is hoping to visit Beijing, China in order to Discuss North Korea.