Fan Receives Posthumous Fed ex from PRINCE

A Prince fan in Seattle, WA. received the surprise of her life today; when she received an unexpected package from Federal Express.

The 37 year old Educator, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that the package was addressed to one of her older children so it was not immediately opened.

The Seattle Native said that she was doing her dishes and had her back turned, when her child slowly walked into the room and said “Mom, I think this is for you.”

She turned around and was handed a Journal wrapped in Gold paper with a CD attached. The CD was Blank Except for the words that were handwritten in Black Marker. The words simply said “Welcome 2 The Dawn 2020”

The life long Prince fan would not comment on what Else the package contained, or why PRINCE would send it to her. She only would say that she had received some “Instructions ” the first of which was to contact our publication.

When pressed for further information the Prince Confidant only had these words to offer “Nothing is what it seems. Don’t Believe everything you see. The party ain’t over, only the venue has changed.”

As I hung up with the Mysterious woman I couldn’t help but wonder what else was in the package and what impact it would have upon the questions surrounding his death.