Food Poisoning conditions at Columbia, Maryland Cheesecake Factory. Did you just put that nasty spoon or folk in your mouth that came right off the table? I have many pictures collected from Cheesecake Factory. Send me what you find!

Food Poisoning at Cheesecake Factory in Columbia, Maryland
Pictures taken at Franklin Square Hospital ER in Baltimore, MD after eating contaminated foods at Cheesecake Factory in Columbia, MD, with family that caused me and someone else to contracted Food Poisoning, Viral Gastroenteritis, and suffered an Acute Kidney Injury. I the Supreme GRAND Bishop suffered the worse.
I spent almost 12 hours in the ER that evening and night. Last night Saturday OCTOBER 22nd, went back in the Cheesecake Factory and noticed silverware being placed on dirty contaminated tables, again. See those pics I posted on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Already reported the silverware issues directly with Cheesecake Factory Headquarters in California. They the corporate people DO NOT TAKE what I post or say seriously. Really?
The Cheesecake Factory is going to kill someone with their foods and unsanitary conditions to unhealthy practices. A Press Release and story is going out later today. Possible Boycott!!!
That nasty spoon came off that contaminated table right into your desert. Hope you did not eat it or got sick?

Hey my name is Spoon at Cheesecake Factory in Columbia, MD. See me on the table, no napkin to protect me. My germ friends on the contaminated table love when you put me in your mouth and eat. Customers should be outraged! Time to raise hell people….I got food poisoned last week along with my family member, spent almost 12 hours in ER at Franklin Square in Baltimore.

Wow, how do you like looking at a picture at Cheesecake Factory Columbia, MD knowing the silverware was directly on the contaminated table to your mouth? Keep eating there and you will be in the ER too.

It is sad these nice female customers eat food from Cheesecake Factory with silverware on the nasty table to their mouths. The policy must change WATCH!

An investigation has revealed that other customers over the year have contracted or became sick or ill with food poisoning or other problems eating food at the Cheesecake Factory in Columbia, MD.