Hotel Shooting Los Angeles Party

On Saturday, 10/22 , approximately 11:30 pm gunshots were exchanged by two separate parties at The Standard Hotel 550 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071. Witnesses say a local rap artist from Fresno, Ca was visiting the hotel to promote a CD with multiple friends in a three bedroom suite paid for one night only when six to seven gunshots filled the air sending nearby visitors to the floor . The room was trashed & abandoned by the local rapper leaving LAPD law enforcement to review all camera angles leading to the altercation . The target in the shootout was 21 year old Vincent Cabrera which premiered a CD last Monday ( 10/16 ) that apparently details a shooting that dates back to 2014 on the east end of Fresno CA . The confrontation stemmed from social backlash of Cabrera in a three minute long video getting into a verbal turned physical altercation in which police are looking for more information leading to any arrests . Anybody with information regarding the shooting are asked to call law enforcement immediately .