Laid Off ESPN Employees caught selling Knock Off Gear to pay bills!

As the sad saga of the NFL lurches forward to its final bloated death the impact is turning once ditzy employees to a life of crime! Several of the laid off employees from ESPN have been having trouble getting jobs. One was quoted as saying “It is like the fans expect the game to entertain them, they are supposed to take it as we give it to them and like it”. He had tried several jobs but was unable to keep them as people just want their product and not a lot of drama. One female employee who had resorted to a life as a prostitute said “I tried hooking, but the johns just left, just because I was taking a moment on the job to preach feminism”. One of her attempted tricks said that if he wanted to hear that stuff he would have spent the evening with his wife. The lack of skills is appaling. Here is just one of the massive mistakes in the sports gear that they are trying to sell. Sadly, even in a life of crime, they just won’t cut it.