Man charged with robbery at Chester Wal-Mart

On Friday, Brendan Johnson, 33, of Red Bud (below), walked into the store around 4:00p.m. Friday evening. Security footage shows Johnson going to the back of the store and loads a gun he pulled from his pocket. He then went to the register and pulled a pistol and told everyone to get down and shut up. He then told the cashier to empty the register. He did this to every register in the store, and took people’s wallets. After 44 year old Tom Walters of Waterloo, Illinois tried to attack him, Johnson shot Walters in the head.He then left, and the cops were called. He got in a high speed pursuit with Chester Police officers. He eventually ran out of gas and tried to run but police caught him. Johnson is being charged with armed robbery and first-degree murder. Bail is set at $1,500,000. Walters was taken to Chester Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. He died at 4:30p.m.