Mans weight saves life but then dies

Kolten Kumm a man that weighs about 500 pounds got bullied everyday of his life. People threatened to hang him everyday until one day he did. Kolten had the perfect set-up a metal bar with a 300 pounds test rope set up. Then he had the stool and all he had to do was jump. Then about 1 minute later he jumped. Then he sat for about 5 seconds. unfortunately it snapped. But then after falling he sat on his butt about to get up. Then all of a sudden the bar holding the rope fell and landed directly on koltens head. It gave him a bad concussion making him very stupid. He then went up stairs but on the last stair got him. He took a bad step then fell backwards down the stairs landed directly on his head and breaking almost everything. Kolten died on spot at the bottom of the stairs.