Matt Westbrook marries Elisha Craig

Looks like it has finally happened. The wedding we have been waiting on for years. The bride was escorted down the aisle by her brother Alex Craig. He pushed her wheelchair with his free hand as he used his other hand to hold his cane. They met up with the groom at the front of the church who was also in a wheelchair. The bride wore a long white gown which kept getting caught in the wheels of her wheelchair. Her personal attendants were her five nieces, Donita, Alexa, Destiny, Ariandra and Doeesha Craig. Matt’s attendants were his nephews Axelrod, Darrin, Andre, Denver and Arrun Craig. Alex’s wife Desiree was not in attendance as she was in the hospital after giving birth to their 11th child Dariandra. The rest of their siblings could not attend the wedding as they were all too old to travel that far. The residents of their nursing home put together a honeymoon for Matt and Elisha and are pushing their beds together for the night.