Gregory Shearer, from Cole Camp in Missouri, claims a sasquatch attacked him and attempted to rape him while he was walking in the woods.

The 29 year old man was walking to his hunting stand on Sunday, to see if it was ready for this year’s deer season.

All of a sudden, a large “gorilla-like” creature dropped from a tree in front of him punched him in the face.

“It was at least 8-foot tall and it’s punches hurt like hell! I was knocked right out at the first blow!”

While Mr. Shearer was trying to recover from the attack, the large humanoid creature began to tear his clothes while letting out some terrifying howls.

“When I regained consciousness, he had already torn my pants and was tearing through my underwear. I stabbed it in the shoulder with my hunting knife, and that made it run away.”

Mr. Shearer immediately reported the attack to both the Benton County Sheriff’s Department (BCSD) and the Missouri Parks and Wildlife agency, and a joint investigation has been launched.

Missouri Park Rangers sent their best Ranger, Jordon Griffin, to investigate this heinous act by whatever it was. When asked if it could be a real Sasquatch, Jordon replied, “We are looking into all possible leads and haven’t ruled out any possible scenario. Gregory Shearer is a dear friend of mine and I take him at his word what he saw was real. I will do whatever it takes to bring justice for Leon and will not rest until this case is closed!”

Benton County sheriff’s office found some extremely large footprints on the site, which they believe are those of the aggressor.

Gregory Shearer is convinced that the creature who attacked him was a sasquatch, but the GSPD investigators say it’s more probable that the attacker is simply a particularly large and hairy man.

They are currently interrogating nearby residents to see if anyone noticed an individual corresponding to the description of the suspect.

According to the victim, the attacker measure around 8-foot tall and is extremely hairy. He has brown hair, dark brown eyes, extremely big feet and very large genitalia.

If you possess any information concerning the suspect, please contact the Benton County Sheriff’s Department or the Missouri Parks and Wildlife agency.