Mother Of 3 Wins A Free Wedding

Staci Cottle was doing one of her favorite activities, walking at the local Library, when she came across a puppy that seemed to be drowning in the lake. Without hesitation she quickly ran into the water and rescued the pup. As she was coming out of the water the puppies owner came around the corner and quickly escorted Staci and the puppy from the cold water. It was then that the owner explained how her 2 month old boxer was blind. The owner ( who’s name is not to be released ) had stopped to help her son off of his bike when the puppy slipped free from his collar and just ran off. The pups owner was so ecstatic that she and her husband offered to pay for Stacis wedding, which just happens to be on Friday the 13th of October. What a great fairytale ending to such a beautiful story…..