Mr Davinder Bains to step down after major split.

Mr Davinder Bains also known as Shinde A1, president of the famous gravesend sikh temple, is said to be standing down from his current role.
In a shocking U turn, he has decided to swap parties and was seen being escorted by his head bodyguard Manpreet Singh Kallu to the residence of Mr Ajaib Singh Cheema, the new fromt man of the Sodhi family.
In a shocking split, Shinde who was the puppet of Mr Dhesi, father of Tanmanjeet Singh the ex local MP declined to comment on his reasons.
His loyal voters were seen to be confused in chaos while wondering what to do.
Rumours are that they may even consider a non sikh as they new party leader as candidates are running real low.
This comes as a back lash where Mr Bains has been out done by Mr Cheema in the local walk of fame videos and is strugggling to keep up as his party are far to busy trying to thing up new promises that thay do not have to keep.
It is rumoured that he has threatened to remove his khanda stickers and strangle the singer Malkit Singh if he doesn’t win.
It seems apparent that the local community are quite happy to see this.