NH Governor Cancels Halloween over controversies

NH Governor Christopher T. Sununu who is serving his first term as Governor of the State of New Hampshire has signed an executive order canceling Halloween for some 250,000 NH residents.
During an interview early Sunday morning with WMUR’s Jean Mackin, Sununu is quoted saying he canceled Halloween cause he is sick of ” whiny overpaid Football players who cant stand for the National Anthem”. And “He is sick of everyone being so butt hurt over everything.”
Later in the interview sununu told Mackin that “I am totally prepared to cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas if people cant grow the f*ck up and stop being total bitch ass internet trolls who constantly complain about everything or people who are offended over things like the sun being orange”. Atleast this will give them something to complain about.
Governor Sununu is currently the youngest Governor in the country.