NIEGHBOR FOUND DISMEMBERED AND HALF BURIED IN FRONT YARD!! You won’t believe were they found the rest of her?

Just 7 days before Halloween. A night that should be filled with the laughter and screams of children knocking on their nieghbors doors getting that bag filled with wonderful TREATS. Unfortunately that will not be happening for the nieghbor of this small South Texas town.
On Oct. 21st the sweet old lady that runs one of the most famous candy stores in Texas. Aunt Aggie’s sweets in Sinton, Texas was found dismembered and used as a Halloween decorations in front of a local house resputed to have had a man known as “Juan el Diablo,” here is were the story gets weird. It was known that Juan used to love to feed the squirrels around the area but he had a mean streak about him and had been known to have started “the fire” down the street. The fire was so big it was known around town as “La Lumbre.” The partial remains of the victim were found in the front yard of his blue and white 3 bedroom house. The Chief of police said the body of the victim looked like it had been ripped in half. “The Diablo,” as he is now known disappeared, and has since escaped apprehension. The identity of the victim was not known until several days later when a horrible stench began to envelope the center of town at none other than the famous AUNT AGGIE’S CANDY SHOP. Detectives followed the stench and were lead to the “HUGE” SQUIRREL named “AGNES” in front of the candy store. The decapitated head of Aunt Aggie was found in the abdoman of the monument. What eludes the detectives is how the body got into the inside of the squirrel without there being any openings. The case is still being investigated as a homicide and missing persons. More details to follow. One thing that has police stunned is the amount of blood found around the mouth of “AGNES.”