Pierson and Allen Lovers?

Today Russ Pierson and Brian Allen were found in a warm cuddly embrace, in a deer blind in the woods of Belleville. Both men have a significant other. One, could be reached for comment. Michelle pierson told us exclusively, “Ive always known something was going on between those two. They are always going away together. I saw them playing footsie at dinner once. I didnt confront them. ”
Its hard to tell where things will go from here as the homos are now aloud to wed. Brian was contacted, “You people need to leave us alone. All i need is the Pierson boy and cigarettes.” one can only hope by ‘Pierson boy’ he was talking about Russ and not Max. This is not the only scandal. Brian has recently come out as a Michigan Lover. Which is sure to really upset his family.