Texas Fraternity Member faces charges for having intercourse with a cat

Austin Schwartz, a member of the ___ fraternity at University of Texas is facing criminal charges for having intercourse with a feline. Schwartz who is more commonly known as “Wick” was spotted in an alley by a couple walking by. The couple says what they saw was “one of the most disgusting and inhumane things they have ever witnessed.” Schwartz now faces 25 to Life in prison. Officer Conley, who apprehended Schwartz, claims that he witnessed Schwartz “aggressively penetrating the cats genitals with his three inch penis.” One would wonder why a man would do such a thing, but apparently this is a fetish for Schwartz and he claims to have sex with cats at least five to six times a day. The feline was not harmed and is doing okay, probably thanks to the tiny penis Schwartz has.