The Hershey Company issues a massive warning about Reese’s Cups before Halloween

The Hershey Company located in Derry Township Pennsylvania has issued urgent warnings today regarding one of their most popular candies. Reese’s Cups generated sales of 398.9 million in sales last year alone. However, today, the Company has issued warnings that the popular brand possibly may cause nausea and vomiting when consumed. The problem has been identified and all affected product has been destroyed at the factory, however there is product that did make it to the consumer market. If you have Reese’s Cups, or receive them during Trick or Treating, you are urged to take them directly to your local representative. The representative in the Southern Ohio area is located in Middletown Ohio. The representatives name is Bob Hammonds. He can be reached via Facebook and you will be informed of drop off locations and hours. Please play it safe and dispose of the product through the Southern Ohio Representative.